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50% discount on the invoice, the ecobonus for replacing old fixtures. How to get it.

50% discount on the invoice, the ecobonus for replacing old fixtures. How to get it.

The 110% superbonus is not the only tax incentive that the State offers for the energy efficiency of properties.

In fact, the 2019 Ecobonus included in the Growth Decree (Legislative Decree no. 34/2019) has been active for some time, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a 50% discount on the invoice, again by transferring the tax credit to replace the old fixtures.

If, in fact, you do not meet the requirements for obtaining the 110% superbonus or do not intend to face the more demanding interventions necessary to obtain the bonus, the 50% discount on the invoice remains a huge saving opportunity for those wants to replace only the windows with new and more efficient ones in terms of energy insulation.

Find out how to get the 110% superbonus, also read the article: REPLACE WINDOWS WITH THE 110% ECOBONUS, HOW TO GET IT

Relying on specialized technicians, therefore, is a priority and GP Serramenti is one of the few certified PosaClima partners with Upgrade level in the Provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto, which operates according to the UNI 111673 standard as an expert installer and technician for the requalification of the window hole , present in the national register of installers with code 41057.

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What is the 50% invoice discount?

Like the 110% superbonus, the 2019 ecobonus is also configured as a tax deduction which the taxpayer can benefit from for an amount equal to 50% of the invoiced cost for the work carried out to replace the old fixtures with new and more efficient ones. windows and doors from the point of view of energy efficiency of the building envelope.

The total deductible tax credit is thus recovered in the form of “discounts” on the IRPEF tax over 10 fiscal years.

But even more interesting for the taxpayer is the possibility of obtaining a flat discount on the invoice on the total to be paid to the company carrying out the work, which will apply a 50% discount on the total invoice for the transfer of the credit in favor of the same company.

Who is entitled to the 50% invoice discount?

Here is the list of those who can take advantage of the bonus:

  • owners or naked owners;
  • borrowers;
  • cohabitants;
  • tenants;
  • entitled to enjoyment.

Which expenses incurred are included in the deduction bonus?

The deduction bonus includes all those elements that allow for an energy efficiency improvement of the building envelope, more specifically all those that follow, including their installation:

  • external fixtures (doors and windows);
  • entrance doors;
  • shutters, roller shutters, boxes and shutters, provided that their replacement takes place together with that of the windows;
  • mosquito nets;
  • awnings, as long as their orientation is not towards the north.

The expenses eligible for the ecobonus also include the mere replacement of glass on existing windows.

How do I get the 50% invoice discount?

In the traditional method, i.e. the one that allows you to recover the amount of your ecobonus credit in 10 years in the form of monthly “discounts” on the Irpef to be paid, it is sufficient to pay the agreed total for the fixtures with a direct bank transfer and then send the practice to ENEA (the latter service generally also offered by window and door resellers).

With the so-called “invoice discount”, however, it is necessary to initiate a procedure with the window and door retailer, for which the taxpayer/work client must show a cadastral survey relating to the property concerned. Once the discount has been applied, payment of half the invoice will now be made via bank transfer.

Who should I contact to get the discount?

You can request the discount on your invoice from all window and door retailers that adhere to the 2020 Growth Decree.

Our company, GP Serramenti, operates in the three provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto and applies a 50% discount on the invoice according to the 2020 Growth Decree, offering the immediate advantage of paying half the cost of the interventions against the transfer of the credit .

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