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Biemme Finestre, minimal design windows

Biemme Finestre, minimal design windows

Style changes over time, it changes in fashion, in art, in design and windows and doors change, evolve, welcome new technologies, new shapes, become more efficient.

Today, window manufacturers offer numerous solutions that make the products increasingly unique, customizable and integrated into extremely different housing units.

In this article, we want to introduce you to some products with an extremely minimal design, particularly appreciated by younger people and lovers of contemporary style, with essential and clean lines. We are talking about the Lunica, Lieve and Mistral products from BIEMME FINESTRE, a company with 40 years of experience, known for the production of designer, high quality and highly thermo-acoustic doors and windows.

Lunica: innovative thermal break aluminum or aluminium/wood system

Biemme, with the Lunica series of fixtures, offers doors and windows with a contemporary and minimal design. The dimensions of the new nodes have been reduced to the essential, with the aim of creating harmonious and thin lines and reducing the volumes of the structures to a minimum (75 mm for the side node and 115 mm for the central node). But above all, Lunica is, through the coplanarity of its exclusive triple glass, an aluminum system that enhances lovers of bright and refined spaces without sacrificing (indeed) thermo-acoustic performance (average transmittance 0.85 w/m2 with triple glass).

The possibility of customizing the product with over 200 RAL colors or wood effects and with visible or hidden hinges, make the Lunica series by Biemme a versatile, exclusive and among the most competitive systems on the market for thermal break aluminum or aluminium/ wood.

Mild: window of the future in aluminum with thermal break or aluminium/wood: minimal and high performance.

With the fixtures of the Lieve line, Biemme Finestre bursts onto the market of minimally designed windows and doors, taking the concept of linearity and essentiality to the extreme: the central node reaches the extraordinary thickness of 105 mm and its profiles reduced to a minimum bring the glass surfaces to their maximum amplitude for extreme light.

Lieve is the perfect choice for prestigious building envelopes, customizable with an infinite number of RAL colors and wood effects and available in all swing versions with visible or hidden hardware.

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Mistral: minimal sliding window

Biemme Finestre, an absolute excellence in the Italian window and door panorama, offers sliding solutions in line with the most modern architectural trends which increasingly see light and the essentiality of profiles as protagonists, capable of broadening the perception of internal spaces, enhancing their continuity with the external ones.

With its Mistral lift and slide, Biemme Finestre launches in its brand new catalog the smallest and most futuristic “slide” in the lift and slide segment. The Mistral line catches the eye with its very small frontal volumes combined with the high sturdiness of the aluminum structure. All movement components are tested and calibrated on large elements, a typical and fundamental peculiarity of sliding windows. But it is the central node of just 5.8 mm, together with a lateral node of just 110 mm and top-performance glass that make Mistral the most minimal lift and slide door in its category.

GP Serramenti, authorized reseller and installer of Biemme Finestre

GP Serramenti is the exclusive Biemme Finestre retailer and installer for the Lecce area and province. In our showroom in Salice Salentino, you can see BIEMME FINESTRE products together with many other solutions, choosing and customizing the product according to your needs.

By contacting our company, GP Serramenti, you will receive all the necessary advice relating to the application of the 50% discount on the invoice according to the 2020 Growth Decree, with the immediate advantage of paying half the cost of the interventions against the transfer of the credit tax.

You can learn more about the 50% invoice discount in this article: 50% DISCOUNT ON THE INVOICE, THE ECOBONUS TO REPLACE OLD WINDOWS. HOW TO GET IT.

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